Toilet Repair and Replacement

New Toilet Installs

If you are looking to replace an older inefficient toilet with a new low-flow toilet that uses less water, are remodeling your bathroom, or are installing a toilet our experienced plumbers can install it for you saving you time and hassle.

Clogged Toilet

If your toilet requires plunging on a regular basis there is probably a blockage in the trap or further down in the drain pipe. It could even be a symptom of a larger problem further down in the sewer. Let Rebisso's professional licensed plumbers solve your clogged toilet drain problem.

Running or Leaking Toilet

Your toilet is running if you hear water running in it's tank for an extended period of time after flushing. The excess water filling your toilet tank is draining down the overflow tank and costing you money on your water bill. One call to Rebisso Plumbing to repair your toilet's worn out flush valve, overflow, or flapper will solve you leaking toilet problem and can even pay for itself in your savings on your next few month's of water bills.